St. Francis Wildlife, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1978 to provide humane care and rehabilitation for orphaned, injured and sick wildlife in North Florida and public education for our community.

Each year, we receive and care for approximately 3,000 animals, from tiny Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and flying squirrels to foxes, deer and Bald Eagles. Feathered, furred or scaled, they will all have a second chance to live wild and free.

Our wildlife hospital and rehabilitation facility is located on 35 secluded acres of forest, fields and ponds, four miles northwest of Havana, Florida. We have all the required permits from the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service and Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to possess and rehabilitate wildlife and to display non-releasable wildlife for the purposes of public education.

Our Mission

The St. Francis Wildlife Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of native wildlife in north Florida through the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife, and through public education.

1. Wildlife Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitate sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife for eventual return to their natural habitats

2. Environmental Education

  • Instill an appreciation and a respect for all living creatures and the natural environments we share
  • Promote a life-long stewardship ethic that empower citizens to preserve what remains of natural Florida through action-based programs
  • Increase students' basic competencies in science and other disciplines
  • Provide an educational resource to the community


Director & Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • Teresa Stevenson
Education Director, The Wild Classroom
Newsletter Editor & Media
  • Sandy Beck
Full-time Wildlife Technicians
  • Kayla Gainer
  • Nicole Rivera
Baby Season Wildlife Technicians
  • Deborah Moye
  • Melina Cabrera
  • Shelby Boykin
Wildlife Rescuers
  • Steven Wright
  • Karla Fuentes
  • Morgan Fox
Office Manager
  • Marietta Bitter
Office Assistant
  • Diane Watson
Part-time Maintenance
  • Chris Klaas
Volunteer Coordinator
  • Donna Hansell
Technology Support
  • Robbie Estevez
Volunteer Coordinator
  • Donna Hansell
Intern Coordinator
  • Shelby Boykin



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  • Pat Simmons,
  • Barbara Barnett,
    Vice President
  • Elenita Gomez, Esq.,
  • Ian Waldick, Esq.,
  • John L. Brennan III, Esq., Ex-Officio
  • Mitch Potter, D.V.M.
  • Kelly Craft
  • Allan B. Franklin III, CPA
  • Donna Hansell
  • Lorena Vollrath-Bueno, Esq.
  • Chris Corbitt, PhD
  • Patty Ball Thomas, PhD
  • Laura Phipps,